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Jacqui : I don't get you, Reptile Ermac : Then we must destroy you. Cassie Cage : Thanks for the tip. Erron Black : There's an obvious insult there Johnny Cage : That s'posed to make me feel bad?
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Mortal Kombat X: The Strange History of Kung Lao

Ermac : In the winds your screams will die. Cassie Cage : Help me conjure green energy, okay? Sub-Zero : You are daughter of Jackson Briggs. Cyber Sub-Zero In the original timeline, Smoke was the one captured and converted into a cyborg, while Sub-Zero managed to escape. Much like Batman, she makes up for a lack of superpowers with agility, skill, and a ton of gadgets, including her whip. Kung Jin : Toughest one o' the bunch. For the first time in years, they really have a good grasp on how to make him work.
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Kratos Portrait Art - Mortal Kombat Art Gallery

Jax : You'll pay for what you did. DVorah : Nothing you would understand The basic premise for most of the games is that various villians from Outworld, an alternate dimension ruled by the tyrant Shao Kahn, seek to conquer the Earthrealm, which is basically our world. Ermac : We too were born of sorcery. And so, the Deadly Alliance offered her the chance to fight in a tournament to free her village, with no sort of ulterior motives whatsoever. Kung Jin : Gimme all you got, Has-Been.
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I see that Aurich is a little put off by the realism with the gore, but honestly the MK series has been moving in this direction the whole time. No other game had bass like this. While Scorpion has some fiery moves, Sub-Zero is trrue to his name, bringing ice-based elemental moves to the Mortal Kombat 11 cast of characters. Sub-Zero : Defend yourself. He killed his parents and started up the Red Dragon organization, intending to kill Taven when the time was right. The mask he wears is the only thing keeping his demonic rage in check, and without it, he resorts to smashing things with his club arm really hard.
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